Generation Praktikum

At The Design Annual in Frankfurt, Germany, 2x4 produced a pop-up T-shirt shop offering 500 T-shirts, each individually designed, for sale. The concept was developed on the assumption that the T-shirt is one of the most ubiquitous forms of "mass media," with which we "broadcast" both personal and institutional identity by way of the graphics. As each T-shirt,was custom and there was a finite quantity for sale, the more T-shirts were sold, the emptier the stand would appear. To counter that effect, a reverse cycle was put in place. Each buyer was photographed at the stand, holding their respective T-shirt. The portrait was printed on the spot, in black and white on a yellow paper (the same colour as the T-shirt themselves) and displayed in the racks - recreating the life cycle of consumption and identity itself.
Frankfurt, Germany
June 17, 2007