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Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto (video)
Posted by Gala
October 10, 2012
via Motoi Yamamoto

"I wanted to create something based on my desire to recall the memories of my sister who passed away in 1994... My sister's disease was brain cancer, so I wanted to make a shape of a brain. I created a brain made from blocks of salt, which had a surface with brain-like shapes. When I looked at this piece from above in 3-dimensions, I wondered how it would look if I pressed it down and spread it out onto the floor. This is how I started creating flat 2-dimensional art. The labyrinth involves turning my desires to reconnect with very important memories of my sister directly into some shapes. First, I place the idea of a memorial for my sister in the front of my mind. Then, by wishing that I will be able to reconnect to that place I start drawing a maze like pattern. But when I start I don't know if the eventual goal and the entrance will be connected, because there are always bumps and imperfections on the floor and also because salt is affected by humidity I sometimes cannot draw the shape that I want to draw. I must improvise and adapt my designs to fit each place. By this process there may be times when the connected path will be stopped, or on the contrary the path might get connected by accident. Accepting all of these coincidences I am creating a labyrinth according to my feelings and the conditions at the moment." -Motoi Yamamoto