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2x4 + Hey'Ya: Arab Women in Sport (image)
Posted by Gala
March 7, 2013
via Qatar Museums Authority

Hey'Ya: Arab Women in Sport, an exhibition first presented during the 2012 London Olympics, opens today in Qatar Museums Authority Gallery at the Cultural Village, Katara.

Hey'Ya, which means Lets Go in Arabic, was commissioned by QMA to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women athletes from all over the Arab world. The exhibition, designed by 2x4, features 50 large-scale portraits by Brigitte Lacombe, shown alongside videos by filmmaker Marian Lacombe. The striking images shot in a period of 7 months in over 20 Arab countries reveal the inner strength of women whose pursuit of athletic excellence often times puts them at odds with their own culture and tradition, while the videos situate their experience within the context of gender, culture, and sport in Arab countries.

2x4 developed the Hey'Ya identity, designed a book of Lacombe's photographs, and created a custom iOS app that allowed visitors to explore and view Marian Lacombe's videos presented on a series of iPads installed in the gallery.

The exhibition will be on view in Qatar Museums Authority Gallery at the Cultural Village, Katara from March 7th to June 16th and will be complemented with an extensive educational program to engage visitors.