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2x4 + Miu Miu Aoyama + Herzog & de Meuron (video)
Posted by 2x4
March 26, 2015
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This week marks the unveiling of Miu Miu's new flagship store in the Aoyama district of Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, the store is situated diagonally across the street from the celebrated Prada Tokyo Epicenter store, also designed by the renowned architects. The understated two-story building resembles a metallic box tilted open to reveal a lush interior that feels more like a surreal, luxurious home than a show room.

miu miu aoyama by herzog & de meuron
all images courtesy of miu miu

Inspired by the signature architectural details of the building, our visual identity extends the existing Miu Miu brand and introduces a wave-like graphic seam that appears through the space. Along with the core branding elements we were commissioned to develop communications announcing the store launch event, including advertising featuring the Miu Miu pre-fall 2015 campaign shot by photographer Jamie Hawksworth, print collateral, animations and a set of booklets.

miu miu advertising campaign
Advertising Campaign

miu miu aoyoma by herzog & de meuron

miu miu aoyama by herzog & de meuron

miu miu aoyama by herzog & de meuron

miu miu aoyama