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Malwitz Surfboards: Asymmetrical Fishes by Saturdays + Chandelier Creative (image)
Posted by Emile
August 10, 2011
via Design Boom

'asymmetrical fishes' by malwitz surfboards
From Design Boom:
American designer rick malwitz of malwitz surfboards has sent us images of 'asymmetrical fishes', a collaboration project with new york based store saturdays and agency chandelier creative. This limited edition of surfboards features an asymmetrical fish shape and hand-mixed colors.

Every malwitz surfboard is also designed individually with no templates, making each a custom object that can be shaped for the user's ability as well as specific seasons and conditions. Malwitz says, 'I like to focus on clean lines and overall flow, and many of my boards have a bit more foam and overall width, catered specifically to new york / new jersey breaks.'
Rick Malwitz of Malwitz Surfboards