Leading up to the 2014 Brazil World Cup, we designed a Nike brand showcase where visitors could participate in the culture of football in downtown Dubai. Set by the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the event was inspired by built forms of community—the Village and the Arena– and the relationship between the two.

The Arena served as a tournament playing field for the UAE's most talented street football players. Planned to maximize the speed and tempo of the game in a Winners Stays format, the arena used the indoor football pitch format, but outside. Each team was held around the pitch in cages, with fans cheering them on from above. Made of modular scaffolding and diverse materials, The Village was inspired by informal favela architecture and exhibited new product experiences, concessions, and hang out areas for fans and athletes.


Colosseum Exterior
Colosseum Interior
Site Plan
Favela view
Nike F.C. Area
Nike National Team Kits