The Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow continues our long-term engagement with the Hyundai Motor Company. Removed from a typical sales environment, the Hyundai Motorstudio is a site for the brand to experiment with new forms of expression. Working with the Hyundai Motor Company in Seoul, we developed a strategy to transform the brand for a diverse global audience, using a multi-channel approach across print, digital, and architecture for an immersive and contextual Hyundai experience.

We developed the concept for and named the Motorstudio, following tactically with the visual branding, content development, architecture and visitor experience for the Moscow site. The 900 m², two floor space on New Arbat Street in central Moscow is glazed with an exterior curtain wall facade featuring single panes of glass over 8 meters tall. Our design incorporates digital exterior signage, a double-height display area framed by two sets of bleacher stairs for public presentations and film programming, auto display, cafe, library, shop, and several interactive visitor touchpoints. The Motorstudio concept was also deployed in Seoul and is expected to expand to other cities worldwide.


Moscow Logo
View from the top floor
Central heart
Large video wall display
Immersive Journey: A large screen displays various drives from around the world
Immersive Journey: An iPad placed within the car allows visitors to change locations displayed on the large screen.
Hyundai Interactive Timeline: Information about Hyundai is displayed on a multi-touch screen
Hyundai Interactive Timeline: Visual Design
Coffee shop on the top floor


Program & scenario diagrams
Interior axion
Motorstudio Interactive Programming: 1. Digital Exterior Signage, 2. Immersive Journey, 3. Hyundai Interactive Timeline, 4. Video Wall Display
Render of "Journey" location
Journey iPad control wireframe