On the occasion of a new partnership between the National Museum of China and Beifang University of Nationalities, 2x4 Beijing designed the exhibition "Tradition@Present: Timeless Style of Chinese Ethnic Attire" which was held at the Chinese National Museum of Ethnology, between November 28 and December 12, 2016. The exhibition featured over 150 objects from simple tools to intricate textiles and outfits in an effort to rethink the conventional dichotomy between tradition and modernity and imagine a twenty-first century that builds on tradition to drive innovation and renewal. 2x4 designed the branding and exhibition graphics, including the logotype, poster, leaflet, stickers, wallpaper, labels, and videos.

2x4 Beijing looked towards patterns found in the clothing, both complex and geometrical, as a lexicon to develop the branding. The Chinese characters that form the logotype act as a distinct mark as well as a motif which connects several elements of the exhibition, from a motion graphic video to stickers that visitors are invited to adhere to a wall. The exhibition tells a story in four chapters: Time, Space, Craft and Continuum. The final chapter features a series of supergraphics printed on wallpaper that combine and collage elements of portraiture and textiles with nature, turning traditional objects into visions of modernity.