Over the course of 4 days, over 25,000 interior designers, architects, retailers, designers, manufacturers, representatives, and distributors come to New York for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), the premier showcase for contemporary design in North America. With its many exhibitors, 145,000 sq ft of space, and numerous offsite events, a strong identity was needed to bring cohesion to ICFF. Our identity uses consistent and bold typography for a mark that is recognizable at many different scales, from nametag to Jumbotron. The fixed framework of the typographic identity allows for a seasonal shift of colors for each year. The design system includes e-mail campaigns, print collateral, advertising, signage, and the website. When the event is live, the ICFF website features real-time updates from fair visitors.



Website Homepage Featuring Real Time Updates
Ad Campaign
Print Literature
On-line banner ads
On-Site Signage