Hey'Ya (Let's go!): Arab Women in Sport was presented by the Qatar Museums Authority during the 2012 London Olympics to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women athletes from over 20 Arab countries. Our exhibition design featured large scale photographs by Brigitte Lacombe, alongside videos by filmmaker Marian Lacombe, together giving life to the women's personal stories and situating their experience within the context of gender, culture, and sport in Arab countries. We developed the Hey'Ya identity, designed a catalogue of Lacombe's photographs, and created a custom iOS app that allowed visitors to explore and view Marian Lacombe's videos presented on a series of iPads installed in the gallery.


Exhibition Design in Sotheby's London
The Hey'Ya app was presented on a series of iPads installed in the gallery and allowed videos to be browsed through a simple slideshow interface, or explored in a view that grouped each athlete by their home nation.
The custom app also encouraged visitors to browse and explore Marian Lacombe's video interviews of the athletes featured in the exhibition.
Window display in Sotheby's London
Book Design
Harrod's window display advertising the exhibition
Harrods window video installation