2x4 + Three-Fourths of an Ounce

Three-Fourths of an Ounce, a new line of condolence products launched today with a website and identity designed by 2x4. Named after the presumed weight of the soul after the moment of death, Lauri London Freedman founded 3-4oz in response to a growing concern that cultural taboos around death have deprived us of a language to speak about and cope with death. Through beautifully designed objects, 3-4oz hopes to establish a secular language to help modern individuals mourn and rediscover the traditions and rituals that have been lost while also create new ones to pass on to future generations.

Via 3-4oz.com

2x4 3 4 Oz Identity Final Logo 01

3-4oz website

2x4 3 4 Oz Identity Final Acorn Pattern 01