CCTV's headquarters is a broadcasting, production, and office facility for 10,000 workers housed within a looping 44-story skyscraper. Designed by OMA, its iconic form and interdependent programming create an unique navigational condition. To clarify this, we developed a radically reduced naming system. As CCTV has two general entrances and two elevator banks, we conceptually divided the building into two halves. This naming system creates a hierarchy from tower, floor, to room name, so that the name of each individual space also references its location. A range of special material applications from supergraphics printed onto porcelain to pixelated studio numbers were developed for central areas including production studios and cafeterias.


CCTV, Photo by Iwan Baan
Tower Two Entrance
Site Signage Family
Site map
Lobby Elevator Sign
CCTV Cafeteria mosaic photo by Iwan Baan
Mosaic Detail
Studio Identification
Studio Identification
Generic Signage Family
Lobby Map


Nomenclature Diagram
Sign Type Diagram