Multiple Signatures in the Wall Street Journal Magazine

Michael Rock’s upcoming book, Multiple Signatures was featured in the Wall Street Journal magazine as a must buy of the season. Multiple Signatures will be published May 14th by Rizzoli International.

About Multiple Signatures:
In the tradition of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, Michael Rock, explores the history and development of twenty-first-century visual and design culture. This book presents a thoughtful and witty exploration of graphic design today. Set forth in an engaging and humorous way, Multiple Signatures examines all aspects of modern design, from typography to the evolution of screens in advertising to trusting one’s own creative instincts, through a series of smart and often irreverent essays and images. Using 2x4’s own collaborations and projects as examples, and drawing on the experience of the contributing authors, the result is not a clinical textbook, but a fantastic and thought-provoking work about the limitless applications of design. Multiple Signatures challenges standard ways of understanding design and inspires readers to think of graphic design as a building block for all creative disciplines.