The Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow incorporated a multi-channel approach across print, digital, and architecture for an immersive and contextual Hyundai experience. Interactive features included an immersive journey, an interactive timeline and various digital displays and signage. The immersive journey simulated drives from around the world. When activated, the visitor could change their location on a large screen in front of them using an iPad stationed in the car. On the second floor, an interactive timeline that featured a scrubbing interface allowed guests to access an immense amount of information quickly. A video wall display and digital exterior signage unite the standalone interactive features to further immerse audiences as they make their way through the complex architectural setting.


Motorstudio Interactive Programming:
1. Digital Exterior Signage, 2. Immersive Journey, 3. Hyundai Interactive Timeline, 4. Video Wall Display
1. Digital Exterior Signage
2. Immersive Journey: A large screen displays various drives from around the world
2. Immersive Journey: An iPad placed within the car allows visitors to change locations displayed on the large screen.
3. Hyundai Interactive Timeline: Information about Hyundai is displayed on a multi-touch screen
3. Hyundai Interactive Timeline: Visual Design
3. Hyundai Interactive Timeline: A detailed scrubbing interface allows the guest to access an immense amount of information quickly and easily.
4. Video Wall Display


Render of timeline touch screen location
Touchscreen Hyundai timeline detailed wireframes
Further details for Interactive Timeline
Render of "Journey" location
Journey iPad control wireframe