Nike 100 Interactive Installations

As part of our multimedia Nike 100 exhibition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we designed a series of interactive installations embodying Nike's pursuit of lightness and speed. We worked with NY based Potion to develop the technology for two interactive pieces in the exhibition.

In "Light Matters," visitors were invited to weigh their shoes. A corresponding wall projection visualized the extra weight a visitor would lift over the course of their lifetime by wearing those shoes, in relation to the weight of large animals ranging from elephants to blue whales.

In "Jump Station," a dynamic projection encouraged peak performance through larger-than-life payoffs. Visitors see only the words "Step and Jump" inscribed on the floor as they approach a sixteen foot tall projected figure, which mirrors the visitor's movements. Corresponding effort by the visitor is rewarded with dynamic motion capture sequences, from small hops to slam dunks.


Jump Station