Art or Sound

Presented by Fondazione Prada, Art or Sound explores the relationship between art and sound from the 16th century to the present. The exhibition encourages a multi-sensory approach to art appreciation, blurring the boundaries between visual, acoustic and tactile experience. We designed the exhibition, visual identity and accompanying catalog. Based on a musical score, the exhibition design follows a linear structure, with the placement of objects and instruments acting as individual elements of musical notation. Events and concerts held regularly in the exhibition space — the Fondazione’s Ca’ Corner della Regina, an 18th century Palazzo in Venice — bring these connections to life.

Exhibition Photography Courtesy Fondazione Prada, Attilio Maranzano

Ca'Corner Della Regina, Venice
From left to right: Tom Sachs Toyan's Jr., 2001; and Gebrüder Wellershaus Fairground Organ, early 20th Century
Artworks by Riccardo Beretta, Claes Oldenburg- Coosje van Bruggen, Dennis Oppenheim, Roullet–Decamps and Stephan von Heune
From back to front: Theo van Doesburg, Composition in Gray (Rag Time), 1919; Alexander Calder, Untitled, 1940 and Jean Dubois au Puy Chiming Clock with Iron Case, beginning of 17th century
From left to right: Salvador Dalí Metronome, 1944; Man Ray Indestructible Object, 1923 (1965); and Claes Oldenburg – Coosje van Bruggen Silent Metronome, 16 inch, Version Three, 2005
Installation View of Art or Sound Ken Butler Hybrid Instruments, 1978-2002 and Walter Marchetti Musica da camera n° 211, 1991
Luigi Russolo 'Concerto del nuovo teatro futurista' Conductor: Pietro Verardo