Barneys Digital

For the re-launch of Barneys New York flagship store on Madison Avenue, we developed a series of interactive digital displays throughout the store experience. In the Genes@CO-OP restaurant space on the eighth floor, we used Perceptive Pixel backend technology and hardware to create an interactive “digital river” that flows across a 30-foot banquet table made up of twenty-eight touch screens. The interactive display pulls content from The Window online blog, as well as from the online product catalog. Touching an item pulls up a content overlay and allows the user to interact with it further as well as purchase products. Visitors can use the interface to seamlessly order food, browse articles and videos, shop products and dine — all on the same surface.

For the Barneys Mezzanine space, a series of branded cards populate the screens in an organic way, immersing shoppers in the world of Barneys and announcing new products and collaborations. Interactive store directories placed throughout the store allow customers to quickly navigate departments, view what is on each floor, search specific brands or designers as well as special events and sales. All display types dynamically draw content from a central content management system that allows for real-time content updates. Each display activates the retail experience, allowing customers to curate their journey through the store.

Genes@CO-OP Café

Content is automatically updated with the latest products, photography, and articles.

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