China’s New Culture Movement

Following the “Values of Design: China in the Making” exhibition, Design Society asked 2x4 to create a visual identity and exhibition design for the exhibition “China’s New Culture Movement and the Enlightenment of Aesthetic Education,” which examined a key historical moment that now informs contemporary Chinese design.

Our vision for the project — which included visual identity, spatial design, environmental graphics and animation — was to create a thought-provoking atmosphere that would generate dialogue among attendees. We designed the visual motif of a flower pattern on a square handkerchief. Animated, the pattern represented a hundred blooming flowers, bringing the cultural achievements of the New Culture Movement and its attendant aesthetics to life. Our exhibition design divided the original site into two areas: one for static display and the other for dynamic projections. The static area chronicled developments in science, culture, and art during the New Culture Movement, while the dynamic area used a combination of large-scale wallpaper and projections to create an immersive experience of the patterns and mood of the period.