Values of Design

“Values Of Design: China In The Making” is China’s first comprehensive exhibition surveying local design and its impact on the country’s modernization through 138 works. Our Beijing studio worked closely with curator Design Society in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum to design and implement the exhibition, now on display through December 2020 at the V&A Gallery at Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, China.

We worked closely with Design Society to design the exhibit’s key visual and environmental graphics including animation, text, wallpapers and posters. The exhibit was organized around six sections: Patterns of Design, Problem Solving, Shaping Materials, Identity and Consumption, Enhancing Communication and Negotiating Cost, each aimed at tackling urgent modern themes. The aim was to use strong typography and street art motifs, like neon and acrylic, to exemplify the status of Chinese Design: a symbiosis of wild and sophisticated design, in rapidly growing demand.