New York City Tourism + Conventions

New York City Tourism + Conventions (formerly NYC & Company) is the backbone of NYC’s tourism industry and local events: curating, explaining, and promoting happenings across the five boroughs for visitors and locals. NYC Tourism came to us looking for a new identity that could provide clarity and distinction from the wide landscape of city government and independent institutions promoting NYC.

We embarked on a full rebranding process, collaboratively building a new brand architecture, brand strategy, name, identity, and flexible design system for the tourism authority. The organization, who produces popular city wide programs such as Restaurant Week alongside numerous programs and resources for businesses across NYC, needed a simple yet eye-catching system to express both their B2B and B2C activities. Our identity began with a distinctive logomark inspired by the city’s grid. This central idea extended to the full design system, with layouts reflecting intersecting grid lines, a color palette derived from the city street, typography evoking the toughness of New York, and an illustration style that embodies layered freneticism of the city.