SS18 Women’s Fashion Show

Prada’s runway shows express themes through dialogue between fashion and the built environment. For the Spring/Summer 2018 Womenswear show, Prada responded to the contemporary political condition by exploring female empowerment and feminist intersectionality.

To translate these ideas spatially, we created a total, immersive environment out of the work of female graphic novelists and cartoonists — images of women by women. Illustrated panels adorned interior and exterior wall space, while floor illustration and edge detailing worked to blur the distinction between the graphic and built environment.

The featured work came from the archive of Tarpé Mills, creator of the first female action hero, as well as emerging and award-winning graphic novelists such as Fiona Staples and Trina Robbins. In addition to animating the showspace, their heroines inspired the overall styling of the show, appearing on items and accessories across the collection.

Immersive showspace featuring the work of female graphic novelists and cartoonists.
Collaborators' artwork appeared throughout the collection.
Graphic environment extended to retail, taking over Prada Epicenter New York.