Prada Wallpaper

The Prada Epicenter stores in New York and Los Angeles were created by OMA to transcend shopping and to engage public space and cultural programming. Both stores feature prominent wall areas where new content could be injected into the store on a regular schedule. Refreshed every six months and installed on a wall the length of a full city block, the wallpapers create an environment where culture, architecture, and fashion converge. From season to season, the wallpapers reflect our on-going close collaboration with Prada and our evolving dialogue with fashion, culture, design and other current interests. Some have taken on a life of their own, such as “Trembled Blossoms,” that began as an artist-commissioned wallpaper, and grew to become fabric patterns, a fashion show set, a traveling film series and fashion event. The thematic wallpapers for Prada are often supported by new media such as video and interactive installations.