The Rubin
Museum of Art

Founded by Donald and Shelley Rubin, the Rubin Museum of Art represents one of the largest collections of Buddhist art in the world, with a focus on the Himalayas and neighboring regions. We envisioned the museum as an institution that traverses Asia’s diverse cultures, regions, and narratives, bridging the gap between ancient and contemporary, spiritual and secular, artifacts and culture. Out of this idea, we developed a flexible identity system that serves as an anchor point between disparate images to showcase the activities and interests of the museum. This nexus — ever shifting and dynamic — represents the Rubin Museum’s mission to explore the big questions and ideas fundamental to human culture through a personal engagement with art. Our project included a rethinking of the museum’s voice, the identity system, branding materials, advertising campaign, and redesigned website.

The site is fully responsive, with customized views for mobile devices.