Tin Building

2x4 created a comprehensive brand strategy and launch campaign for the Tin Building, a historic recreation of the Fulton Fish Market, and part of a critical new urban strategy for the Seaport district in downtown New York City. Developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation and conceived and curated by renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the Tin Building is a vibrant, eclectic marketplace housing three upscale restaurants and a multitude of market, retail, and casual dining experiences. With a group of diverse partners, 2x4 clarified the organization’s core brand tenets through a comprehensive brand strategy, spanning messaging, communications, and audience. A large-scale launch campaign brings together tried and true New Yorkers — actress Katie Holmes, artist Laila Gohar, model Ritchie Shazam, and entrepreneur Coltrane Curtis — with the myriad products, offerings, and experiences of the Tin Building. Welcome to the city’s newest culinary hotspot.