Tiffany & Co. Diamond Pavilion Interactive Timeline and Mirrors

For a traveling exhibition commemorating Tiffany's 175-year legacy of design, we concepted, designed, and built two interactive experiences: magic mirrors that allowed visitors to try on exhibited pieces of jewelry and a touchscreen timeline.

Using the interactive mirrors, visitors could virtually try on some of Tiffany's most extraordinary jewelry. When activated, the mirrors projected an image of a diamond necklace onto a visitor, who could share the experience through social media.

The timeline was enclosed within a pair of distinctive touchscreen tables and showcased Tiffany's history along the themes of Legacy, Brilliance, Design and Glamour. Developed using the Cinder creative-coding framework, these interactive surfaces present a rich narrative of text, images, and video in a unique 3D interface that evokes Tiffany's signature distinctive ribbon.


Tiffany & Co. Diamond Pavilion
Magic mirrors
Mirror user flow
iPad app
An interactive timeline "Ribbon" of Tiffany and Co.'s history was featured on large touchscreens embedded in custom tables.
Interactive timeline
The ribbon timeline concept
Ribbon visual design