The Small Utopia. Ars Multiplicata

Prada Fondazione's exhibition at Ca'Corner "The Small Utopia. Ars Multiplicata" traces the transformation of the idea of uniqueness in art, through the multiplication of art objects and how they came to be mediated through technology. Spanning artistic movements from 1901 to 1975, 'The Small Utopia' included over 600 artifacts, from design, ceramics, glassware, textiles, film, magazines, books, experimental cinema, and sound recordings created by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, and Andy Warhol. Our identity, branding, and advertising for 'The Small Utopia' incorporates these singular artifacts into serial patterns, echoing the multiplication of these art objects. We also worked closely with curator Germano Celant and the Fondazione Prada team on the exhibition design, exhibition catalog and website.


Ca'Corner Della Regina, Venice
Exhibition Signage
Exhibition design
Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibition leaflet and invitation
Book Design
As part of the exhibition Fondazione Prada organized a series of little Fluxus events to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Fluxus (1962-2012)
Exhibition Poster
Website Design