Ginori 1735

Florentine porcelain-maker Richard Ginori has long represented the merger of visionary design with artisanal handcrafted products. 2x4 partnered with the brand to celebrate its 285 year history through a rebranding that signals a renewed attention to the evolving tastes and lifestyle of the next generation of luxury consumers. Through in-depth analysis we developed a brand strategy, design, and naming system that advances the brand’s historic origins through modern sensibility.

The new brand name, Ginori 1735, refers to the eighteenth-century origins of the company, when Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori established the future Manifattura di Doccia in the villa of his family estate. The new signature embodies a bold combination of heritage and innovation, presenting Ginori 1735 in elegant, sinuous and confident hand-crafted lettering. The emblematic crown mark remains: a simple, sparkling indicia that has authenticated every piece of Ginori porcelain since the brand’s founding. We kicked off the relaunch with a social media campaign foregrounding the brand’s history, its collection multiverse and the archetypal Oriente Italiano. A renewed focus on curation, personal expression and special projects with contemporary artists, designers, chefs and style makers as well as expanded product design into the broader realm of homeware will fast forward the brand’s future.