Guild Hall

Guild Hall is a museum, performing arts, and education center founded in 1931 in East Hampton, New York. The cultural heart of the East End, Guild Hall channels the endless possibilities of the arts, encouraging artists, neighbors, and visitors to experience the transformative potential of artist-driven, interdisciplinary programming.

Coinciding with the transformative renovation of its historic site, we teamed up with the institution to build its brand strategy, identity, and signage to reflect the dynamic creativity and unique community that define Guild Hall. The range of programs — over 200 per year, including exhibitions, plays, concerts, dance, screenings, simulcasts, and literary readings — necessitates a flexible system to accommodate various media under the unified banner of Guild Hall. With a new look that is both classic and contemporary, the logomark embraces the deep history of the East End institution, as well as its future ambitions.

Image courtesy of Guild Hall. Photo: Madison Fender/BFA