As one of the most influential brands on the planet, Instagram is setting the pace for a new generation of creators on their platforms. 2x4 partnered with the Instagram Brand Design team to strategically re-design the brand expression across all touchpoints and create an identity system that embodies the dynamism of the platform. Our team developed a comprehensive program of design behaviors and redefined key elements of Instagram’s brand identity across marketing, product, and space including an updated logo treatment, a new color palette, a flexible layout and typographic system, and an expressive representation of the product UI.

The system incorporates a custom type family designed by Colophon Foundry and motion principles and animation developed by Studio Dumbar. We also worked closely with digital artist Rose Pilkington to refine the iconic Instagram logo introducing new depth and color to the gradient. The result is a timeless, coherent, and adaptable identity that celebrates individuality and Instagram’s global community.

Brand Expression

UI in Marketing