After spending years designing custom wallpapers, Knoll Textiles invited us to design a collection of vinyl wallcoverings and woven upholstery fabrics.

We came up with two design collections: “Chatter” and “Field Theory.” Both collections share a similar methodology: a pattern created out of simple, mundane graphic elements. The “Chatter” collection is composed entirely of punctuation. “Pause” uses commas and periods, “Plus” is made entirely of plus signs, and “Command” uses only exclamation marks to make repeating patterns. “Field Theory” uses one form — an extruded box — in three different scales to create diverse effects. “Urban” is a grand-scale pattern with dynamic forms; “Exurban” comprises a long string of the boxes with moderately varied extrusions, and “Suburban” uses a houndstooth of repetitive boxes.

Exurban vinyl wall covering, from the Filed Theory Collection.
Command vinyl wall covering, from the Chatter Collection.
Plus upholstery, from the Chatter Collection.
Suburban upholstery, from the Field Theory Collection.
Pause vinyl wallcovering, from the Chatter Collection.