Digital Projects

Maharam Digital Projects engages artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion and graphic designers to develop large-scale digitally-printed wall installations. Our projects play on collage and density. Designs include “Tableau Vivant,” a medieval tapestry digitally rewoven to create a layered landscape; “Recombinism,” a dense collage of sculpted figures intertwining in a ball of conttraposto limbs; and “Recycle Stripe;” a vivid ombre pattern created with bits of discarded trash.

In "Tableau Vivant," elements of medieval tapestry are digitally rewoven to create a dense landscape of gods, mortals, and mythic beasts.
In "Recombinism," sculpted figures intertwine in a ball of contrapposto limbs and dramas.
In "Recycle Stripes," discarded plastic objects are arranged in a vivid ombré.