Prada L’Homme and La Femme

In 2016 Prada simultaneous launched the two central pillars of their fragrance offerings: La Femme and L’Homme. Conceived to blur the boundaries between traditionally gendered products, the two scents were presented as mirror images equally available to anyone. We designed the bottles, packaging, campaign imagery, and a special pop-up pavilion to introduced the products to the public. The pavilion was organized with two opposing sides that reflected in the middle creating a complex, rich, and infused inner court space. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors and video screens multiplied the density of words and images. Our content development mixed classic Prada men’s and women’s silhouettes, patterns, images, and on-going dialogues – presented in the style of text messages – drawn from classic novels, plays, and films. A traveling version of the experience was also developed packed into venerable Prada luggage and deployed in Prada boutiques worldwide.