Pradasphere is a special traveling exhibition, based on the concept of a natural history museum, which explores the universe of Prada through a 360 degree experience. The exhibition, which premiered in May 2014 at Harrod’s Knightsbridge in London, includes artifacts and digital content that reveal the complex obsessions of Prada from fashion and accessories, to art, architecture, film and culture. A Prada timeline, short films, architectural projects, window displays, and a library of publications flesh out the taxonomic exhibition. Pradasphere was shown again in Hong Kong, and is intended to tour other cities internationally in the coming years.

We designed a complementary monograph, published by Prada, to capture our concept and design. Part archive, part collection, the book continues the ambitions of Pradasphere creating a lasting exhibition space in print. The cover collage is a version of the branding system we created and appears on packaging and other print and digital collateral designed for the event.

Branding system collages the multifaceted world of Prada.
Pradasphere debuted at Harrod’s Knightsbridge in London.
The semiotics of a natural history museum.
Printed matter and ephemera elaborated on Prada's many cultural initiatives.
History of Prada traced through multiple trajectories.
Cross-seasonal analysis of runway looks, organized by color.
Microsite translates the exhibition experience online.
Supersized exhibition monograph.
Limited-edition Harrods' shopping bags.