Diamond Pavilion

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co. wanted to share their legacy in an exhibition of archival jewelry to travel throughout China. 2x4 was asked to design the architecture, exhibition, and technology experiences for the exhibition. Defined by glass and transparency, the exhibition was a glass pavilion encasing at its center the iconic Tiffany Blue Box.

Within the pavilion, jewelry and archival materials were displayed in custom casework. A pair of distinctive touch screen tables allowed visitors to explore the history of Tiffany & Co. through a unique three-dimensional timeline. To fully immerse visitors in the brilliance of Tiffany diamonds, six Magic Mirrors allowed visitors to virtually try on rare archival jewelry, photograph themselves wearing these pieces, and share their photographs via email or through the Chinese social network Weibo.

In displaying iconic objects alongside experiential content, the exhibition design evokes a larger narrative that distinguishes Tiffany & Co. through 175 years of legacy and craftsmanship and extends to contemporary design.

Specialized glass treatment with shifting translucence
Interactive timeline "Ribbon" of Tiffany and Co.'s history
Augmented-reality "Magic Mirrors" with virtual try-on
Shareable selfies via Weibo